Zuma Deluxe

  • Jul 21st 2009
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Zuma Deluxe

Va rugam sa intelegeti ca acest joc zuma deluxe este gazduit pe un alt server si ca jocul zuma se va deschide intr-o alta fereastra. Nu uitati sa inchideti acea fereastra dupa ce terminati de jucat aceste jocuri cu luxor pentru a nu afecta calitatea viitoarelor angajari in jocuri luxor.

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Descriere Zuma Deluxe:

Ai ocazia sa te bucuri acum de cunoscutul joc zuma, in varianta flash online. Arunca bilele colorate, si potrivestele incat sa dispara toate de pe masa, inainte de a ajunge la scheletul de aur. Succes!


The objective of Zuma is to eliminate all of the balls rolling around the screen along a given path (the path is clearly visible in all of the levels except the last level), before these balls reach the yellow skull structure, which will open to varying degrees as a warning of oncoming balls. As soon as one ball reaches the skull, the rest follow and the player loses a life. To prevent the balls reaching the Skull, the player can eliminate the balls by firing a colored ball from the stone frog idol’s mouth towards the chain of balls that will continue to push forward until the player fills the yellow bar, which is when the balls will stop producing off-screen. When three or more of the same color come in contact, they explode, possibly triggering other explosions as part of a chain reaction. The level is completed when after the bar is filled, the player eliminates all of the balls on the screen.

There are bonuses for collecting coins (usually through gaps), for causing explosions through gaps of other balls, and for having a streak of always causing an explosion with each consecutive ball (coins and chain bonuses are a quick way to fill the bar). Time bonuses are also awarded if a player completes the level within ace time – ranging from thirty seconds to four minutes depending on the level. Four different types of power-ups show up in balls, which can be activated by exploding the ball with the power-up. The backwards ball pushes the furthest-out chain (depending on if all of the balls are connected) backwards for a short length of time. The slow-down ball slows the speed of the chain of balls for a short length of time. The accuracy ball allows quicker shots and points an arrow at where the ball will be shot (this stays active for about the same amount of time as the slow-down ball; however, size of balls must be considered). The explosion ball explodes all of the balls within a small radius of the ball at the spot and time of its explosion. If not exploded quickly, power-up balls will return to their regular state after some time.
Easter Egg - There is an “easter egg” that can be revealed by playing the “communication song” from Close Encounters of The Third Kind, d-e-c-C-G, by mousing over the buttons on the main menu in the correct order 3 times. In the Yahoo!Games Zuma Delux, clicking on the frog within the menu screen causes his eyes to follow the mouse.


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11 comentarii
  1. Florin says:

    Este cel mai reusit si mai frumos joc Zuma. Adica, jocul Zuma Deluxe Clasic. Cel mai adevarat joc …

  2. Brother Lo says:

    Asta e cel mai tare ! Yeeepp :D

  3. Mircea H. says:

    Cel mai tare joc din gama Zuma! Cool jocul.

  4. laurentu says:

    e super

  5. myrwna says:

    tare dar trebuie s fii fff atent :) :) )

  6. flory says:

    e marfa jocu imi place

  7. banto says:

    fain jocul;)

  8. ana says:

    ie super

  9. noemi says:

    e super jocu

  10. Nemes Adriana Ioana says:

    sooper jocu!

  11. totherzsebet55 says:

    zuma deluxe, foarte bun

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